Loving my taken best friend.

by MiCHELLE   Sep 3, 2004

Loving my best friend with all my heart
&wishing that we`d never be torn apart.
end of school came so close,
we got separated; thats how life goes.

so he has a girl of his own,
he doesn`t love me; i shoulda known.
yet he acts like I'm his one & only
when he`s taken & i`m all lonely.

when he has problems with his so called wife
he calls me; there is no need for a knife
never will i intend to break their relationship
because i still have one spectacular friendship

the girl he`s with tends to be jealous when i`m with her boo
she even thinks that he likes me too
she also had a dream about us kissing too
although i do wish, that was true.

this love for you is unrevealed
yet i`m not hurt, i`m completely healed.
still there is some sadness lurking in my heart
i just hope it`s you in the end; even if it`s not from the start.

Someday, One day
i`ll be with you, i pray.
that hopefully we`ll see
that this love was meant to be


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  • 15 years ago

    by vanessarrr

    great poem! i liked the rhyming and how you told the story. i've been in the same situation, too. i'm also filipino, btw. take care:)