Why Do I Still Love You?

by MiCHELLE   Feb 4, 2005

When you broke my heart in two,
My heart was shattered on the ground,
To you it never really mattered,
It didn’t even make a sound.

When we parted into separate ways,
You took apart of my broken heart,
You treated it with no loving care,
It had no beauty or beautiful art.

When we slowly stopped talking,
My voice began fade away,
The long talks on the phone,
No longer were they day to day.

When my heart is reminiscing,
About ours friendships past,
It’s all joys and happiness,
But it was all too good to last.

When my heart still beats for you like this,
I want to know what’s true,
I have just one question,
And that question is, why do I still love you?


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