Broken heart & rain drops.

by MiCHELLE   Oct 20, 2004

As i lay in bed, silently listening to the rain fall
thought about of the pain you brought, when i fell, giving you my all.
watching the rain glide down my glass window sill
tear drops fell from my eyes because i love you still.

i wish i never loved you; i didn`t care.
it breaks me into pieces how your love for me is bare.
the way you hold me in your arms shows no warmth anymore
shattered like a mirror, it`s my paper heart that quickly tore.

i can`t understand why i still long for you
when all you do is break my heart in two.
patiently waiting for the day i move on
and the day when you`re long gone

tear drops and rain drops fell.
there`s a long sad story that they tell.
the way you show no affection of love towards me recently.
some day i`ll get over you, or be loved by you happily.

whatever it is, it`s you; i love still.


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  • 15 years ago

    by James

    great poem! I hope things get better for you :)