Ode to Love!!! {A Poem to Love}

by Robert Gardiner   Sep 5, 2004

Ode to Love!!!

Ode, to Love, Most Dear Sweet, Mistress of Mine,
Your Beauty and Wonder Just Sweeps Me Up.
Ode, to Us, and All The Wonderful Times,
May Your, Sweet, Nectar, Ever, Fill, My Cup.
Ode, to Love, For, You Have Enriched Me, So,
To Your Great Riches, Nothing, Thus, Compares.
Ode, to Your Rapture; Rousing, Wonderful,
In Its Luxury, May I, Ever, Share.
Ode, to Your Charm; Enchanting, Rapturous,
Taken, By It, Time After Time, I Am.
Ode, to Your Passion; Tender, Amorous,
Strong and Resonant, May It, Ever, Stand.
Here is To Love and Her Eternal Flame.
With It, In Our Lives, We Shall, Always, Gain...

Robert Gardiner

Votes and comment appreciated, greatly, thank you!!!


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  • 6 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    Its like you have personified love and made her so beautiful. Love has always been a word that has been used but here she is given character and beauty. Or you could also be describing about the woman you love. Either way it has been written well...take care.