The Silent Cry

by Rebecca   Sep 27, 2004

Mommy keep me safe
Mommy keep me warm
Handle me with love
Mommy help me form
I'm two weeks old today
and the gift they gave to me
is pair of bright blue eyes
so someday i might see
i already have to feet
and a pudgy little nose
at the end of my two feet
i grow little things called toes
I am looking forward to my life
ill learn to walk and talk
to play with Teddy bears and toys
i wonder quietly where we are going today
lying on four wheels
this usually doesn't happen
how funny does it feel
BANG! going through two doors
People dressed in green
Don't let them hurt you mommy
just let out a scream
mommy come quickly I'm trying not to cry
mommy come quickly there forcing me to die
their killing me mommy
pulling me apart
first my little legs
and now my little heart
but i wanted to see the sky and the tress
i even wanted to feel the breeze
good-bye mommy, mommy good-bye
i love you mommy
i really do
i only wish
you loved me to!

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