For my friends ~My Knife~

by Liz Suffecool   Oct 20, 2004

I slit my wrists for an unknown reason
And when I have a sh*ty day I just give in
I slit them bad and watch as they bleed
This is all I really need

I give up on this life
I'm going to end it with this knife
So much stuff I have to deal with and everyone talking sh*t
I know everyone will throw a little fit

But no one knows how much sh*t I go through
They think there lives so horrible do you??
I cant stand to live
When I have nothing I can give

I slit my wrists for the pure joy
My knife is my very special toy
As I slit the pain brings me a smile
A smile that seems to last for a while

The thing that gets me is a knife can bring me a smile a grin
So I just tend to give in
Its not that I'm a freak
Or even that I might get called a geek

Its that in this world no matter what I feel alone
And I hide to my self so its never shown
Ive been hurt and abused
Feeling of being twisted in used

No one know just when I will break
But the reason I haven’t is I write till late
Ive been touched by one who's hands never belonged
But the whole time it was happening I felt as if I were doing the wrong

I go to school to get away from home
Because there is where I feel most alone
I get smacked around
And thrown on the ground

And if a piece of dirt
And each and everywhere I turn I end up getting hurt
No one quite understands one like me
And how I came to act and how I came to be

Maybe if you would just question why
One such as my self would question weather to live or die
People cant get it though there head
Why theres just some people I wish I could fill full of lead

Why do I live this life
Living with my only true friend as a knife
I feel so alone I feel so Cold
I feel like there will never be anyone for me ever to truly hold

When I find someone who helps me through everything and doesn't judge me
They run so far away that even my heart cant see
Ive been down each twist and curve of the road
But which path I choice I haven’t choose

I don’t slit my wrists I never have Ive had thoughts of it~This Poem is for my friends and its my thoughts in it please comment and vote and tell me what you think


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  • 15 years ago

    by Danielle D

    it was a really good poem and im happy u dont slit ur wrists

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