Why should I hang on this time?

by Chasityy   Nov 27, 2004

My secret love
He knows my heart
all the way around.
He makes me smile
Instead of frown.
When I want to let go
He lists me the reasons I should hang on.

My secret love
So patient, so true.
My everything through and through.
If only I weren't so nervous and shy
I'd tell him how I felt inside.

My secret love
Something I want to keep with me forever.
What if I'm a burden to him?
My heart needs to learn how to swim
Instead of drowning in hopes for him.

My secret love
Says everything is going to be alright
When inside I know it's not
I don't want to be friends anymore
I want to be so much more.
I want to be the one he kisses goodnight.
I want to be right by his side.
He'll never know though.
I dream of ways of telling him
But none of them are right.

When I finally get the strength to tell him
I fear it'll be much to late.
Maybe it just wasn't my fate.
But why does my heart feel this way.
I'm going to let go
Give up all hope
Why hang on now
When I know there's no hope for us
I wish I could let this out
And tell you to your face
But all I have hope for now
Is for you to read this poem
It doesn't even rhyme.
It's not really worth your time.
Good friends forever
We'll be lovers never...

*It's not good, I know...But I'm loosing all hope into telling that person that I love him...My fears are taking over.*


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