Fallen Years.

by Chasityy   Nov 28, 2004

The light is leaving,
It's betraying me.
Self control,
is abiding me.
You have no power,
If you can't see.
You have no power,
not over me.

Hear my heart break.
Taste my falling tears.
It's way too late,
I've felt this way for years.

Doctors say there's a cure,
For busted dreams like mine.
Some want to go on my memories tour,
But it is not kind.

I look around and I cannot hide.
I have no more pride.
There's my tempting knife,
along with my tempting pills.
Then there's that gun I dare not to use.

Maybe I just hurt myself,
but not enough to die.
I wish I could put my life on a shelf,
yet, then I'd always cry.
Maybe if it wasn't for you,
I'd truly want to die.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Jacklyn

    i like this poem too, good job keep it up and take care ~lil salm g~ talk later!