by *K~L~C*   Dec 5, 2004

My love is lost between us
I gave it to you
But u were too stubborn to accept

My love is wasted
I offered it to you
But you ignored it

My laughter is no longer heard
I shared it with you
But you wouldn't listed to it

My depression is forever with you
I tried to get over you while you were here
But you kept playing games with my heart

My tears are never shed
I tried to get close to you
But you didn't want me

My past is forever hidden
I tried to tell you
But you didn't want to talk

My heart is eternally broken
I wanted to let you put it back together
But you wouldn't wait

My smiles are forever with me
I don't know how
But you took my pain with you and left the happiness you gave me

I love you forever and always, Amonte


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  • 14 years ago

    by cantchangeme

    That is one beautifully sad poem about love, your stuff is still excellent, sorry i havent visited in a while

    Love, Peace and Empathy