No Such Thing As Monsters

by *K~L~C*   Mar 25, 2005

He held her down
As she tried to scream out
He would get what he came for
But the place on his hand where she bit him was still sore

She tried to fight
But he was just too strong
He felt her struggle
But he couldn't even stop
Even though he knew deep down it was wrong

He couldn't live with the temptation
She turned him on without even trying
She didn't know him
But he knew her all too well

He forced himself inside her
And felt the life drain out
He gave her one last kiss
And then let her shout

He left without a trace
But she would never forget his face
She felt lost
A monster had raped her
But not without cost

A month later she found out she was pregnant
She didn't know what to do
Should she keep it
Or abort it

She contemplated too long
Until it was too late
She would have the baby
Maybe it was fate

Eight months later she was screaming in pain
She was having a monster's baby
She would live her life in vain
But she thought to herself
"Maybe I can come to love this child.
After all it is my baby."

A couple of years later
Her son screamed in his bed
She ran down the hallway
Straight to his bedroom

"Baby, what's the matter?"
She looked into eyes that resembled her own
It was fortunate that he looked nothing like his monster of a father
No part of him was shown

"I heard a monster in my closet."
"Oh I forgot to close it."
"Mommy, there's a monster."
"Don't be silly, honey. There is no such thing as monsters."


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