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It's been a while since I have visited this site, But I'm back! And I am so ready to write. I still haven't been successful, but I'm trying. I just submitted a new poem, and really it was just a thought, but I would really appreciate viewers and votes! So check it out! It's called Part of Me.

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  • I get so close to breakin free but as soon as i reach out something pulls me back in

    17 years ago
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  • Broken hearts never really heal; you just have to find the people and things that will allow you to live with one.

    ***Inspired by a book!

    17 years ago
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  • All ppl dream, but not =. Those who dream by nite n the dusty recesses of their minds wake n the day
    2 find that it was vanity: but dreamers of the day r dangerous people, 4 they may act their dreams w/ open eyes, 2 make it possible.

    T.E. Lawrence

    17 years ago
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