The Blood of My Rose

by ~Bloodied&Broken   Dec 9, 2004

A shadow of my love for you
Drips down, falling through
Each feather of my wings
And drop of my soul
Each thought of you clings
As I turn ever cold

The blood of my rose
Crushed petals, disappear to the blacks
As the dream creeps on
As each mirror cracks
Love is the patch
Sowed on with the pain
There lies a catch
Of tainted gain
I search for the truth
And find
The blood of my rose

Each thorn pierces
As each drop of blood flows
But the love never grows
Every patch frays
Every stitch pulls
As down it’s laid
The blood of my rose…


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by Andrea

    simply amazing!!

  • 16 years ago

    by Elizabeth Ann


    After reading this piece several times, since again the words and how you've weaved them amazes me, I would conclude that the Rose is your heart?
    And the thorns reflect rejection or some harmful truth.

    I usually don't find myself trying to decipher poems to this extent, finding it a lock and key of the auth's fantastical mind...
    For me it's more the impression of a dream, or a glimpse of something without a base. Like emotion, so near impossible to word. Yet its force is reknown.
    So needless to say, (5)

  • hey kt, very vivid! a definate 5 I like the way you compared your love to a rose! I think I've seen you on the discussions haven't I? Thanks for commenting on my poem!

  • 16 years ago

    by .x.PorteR.x.

    Holy crap Caitlin! This is so good! OMG

    Definitely worth the *5*

    xox, PorteR

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