by Leigh   Dec 20, 2004

~*~ Slaves ~*~

Being beaten everyday,
The pain, the horror never goes away.

Your skin is torn
Your bleeding bad.
You have no hope,
This torcher is sad.

The whip they use to bring you down,
Is like a snake on the ground.

It bites you hard,
and doesn't let go.
the poison inside,
flows through you slow.

The cotton they pick has more heart then they do,
But they have more heart then me or you.

Would you like to suffer,
Or be unwanted,
Always being hurt,
abused or taunted.

The clothes they wear look like bags with holes,
The food they eat looks like a bunch of coals.

They're cold and dry,
To tired and sore.
But they can't stop,
the pain anymore.

The chains they put on them are too tight,
They're treating them like animals, it's a horrible sight.

They have a different color,
Whats the big deal.
The pain they go through,
Is very unreal.


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