by Leigh   Dec 20, 2004


I touch this sweet ground of freedom,
Not knowing what to do now.
I tell myself to hide,
But I think to myself, wow.

No more jumping into carts,
Covering every inch of my skin.
I can talk to white people now,
And tell them what I feel within.

No more walking bare foot in the woods,
Or stopping from house to house.
Now I can stay in one spot,
But then everyone treat me like a mouse.

Everyone was scared of me,
I was very unwanted.
They would abuse me and use me,
And I always was taunted.

But now I can walk the streets day and night,
Without people caring.
If I’m black or white it doesn’t matter,
Because this country we are sharing.

This poem was based on slaves and when they came to Canada without anyone knowing.


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