My Love♥♥♥

by Casondra   Dec 29, 2004

Her family tried to help her
But her heart was never pleased
She just couldn't handle the pain
And crying didn't ease

The cut was just to deep
The pain to harsh to feel relief
No one could really help her
Because they didn't understand her greif

She tried to make it go away
But she felt as if heart was slowly dying day by day
When he died he took her too
He took her soul and there was nothing she could do
She loved him more than words can tell
And with his one last breath she fell
She was just to weak to stand
Her heart felt like it had been filled with sand
As she layed there crying she remenissed
Of the the times they shared together and their very first kiss

She remembered how much he loved her
And what he said before he died
I will always love you
And I'll be forever in your heart to confide

She knew that he was there
But it just wasn't the same
She missed the way he held her hand
And the way he said her name

Reaching for a glass of water
Her eyes focused on a knife
Thinking she could be with her love
If she could simply end her life

She grasped it tight
Then closed her eyes
And watching the blood drip
She said her goodbyes

I love you mom, and you did all you could
Trust me dad, you really did raise me good
I'll miss you brother, even though we fight
I'm coming my love, to kiss you goodnight


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  • 17 years ago

    by e l flo

    That was beautiful and you are an amazing poet. i love reading your poems and it is incredible how much love can influence a person