by megan   Jan 8, 2005

Can you feel that hole inside my heart
It's the one that you left
The one when you decided that I wasn't enough
You needed someone else you needed the best

I tried to be all I could
But perfection wasn't enough
You needed almight
So you left me with that's tough

What's tough is that
I don't care
I hate you now
You were never there

You told me you loved
But that was just a lie
It was an atempt
Just to get me to try

You wanted what you couldn't have
You knew that from the start
Yet you kept on pressing till i almost broke
Broke my very own heart

I can't wait to tell you
You mean nothing to me
But then I'd be telling a lie
You couldn't just let us be

As much as I try to forget your face
The image stays perfectly clear
According to you we're over
So get your stuff outta my place


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