I miss you

by courtney   Jan 30, 2005

You were mine,
less than 24 hours ago,
it all happened so fast,
but all I can think is,
damn I miss you.

you made me feel special,
you made me feel like I was the one,
and I wish it was still like that,
but I didnt see it coming,
you came and went.

the only thing I can hear is me crying,
and me telling myself it will be OK,
you just sit there like you know everything will be fine,
I knew it wouldn't last,
and that f**king night came.

it was the worst night of my life,
and you wouldn't even call and tell me it would be alright,
Ken and Barbie isn't in our vocabulary anymore,
I just sit in my bed full of tissues and cry,
and you're standing there smiling and laughing with your dumb friends.

....sometimes boys aren't even worth it!


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  • 16 years ago

    by Amit

    yes, you are right Courtney. btw, Good Poem. Keep writing :)