A Cry for Help

by DestinyAwaits   Jan 30, 2005

As I drive the rain drops fall,
In unison with the tears from my eyes.
I feel as though I'm about to loose control,
Licking my lips of salt as I cry.

With the urge to change the station,
Hearing that same old sappy song.
Vision getting blurry and out of focus,
Being wrapped around a tree wont take long.

I have these thoughts run through my head,
Ideas of putting more pressure on the gas.
My foot not remembering where the break is,
The turn to my house I see, but pass.

With anger as my fuel I drove faster,
Not a care in the world not even a goodbye.
I pray and I beg to god,
Asking the one important question... why?

You gave me lungs to breath,
And a heart to give my love.
Now I give up on trying,
I'm ready for the heavens above.

You cause so much pain upon me,
Test me with everything I can not bare.
Speak to me and tell me your secret,
The secret of teaching people how to care.

I feel as though evil runs deeper,
That there's no hope for anyone.
So, this is why I willing to cash in,
In a game that can not be won.

I thought I was strong,
I thought I was right.
But everything wasn't what I thought,
On this cold and rainy night.

I loved him and gave my all,
She was my best friend in my eyes.
Putting my heart out there,
And trusting just found myself in a lie.

So, I'm listening now,
Show me a sign that's all I ask.
It's funny how things all work out,
Because my car ran out of gas.


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by Katie Lynn

    wow... what can i say... very good..5/5

  • 16 years ago

    by Dark Savior

    This is a very sad poem about a very bad subject. I enjoyed it a lot. it is kind of ironic how that which 'fuels' your anger is what finally ran out. I find it sort of odd. I know that there is a lot of things that i should say, but you already know them in your heart and in your mind.

    Very well written poem.


    P.S. thanks for your comment/and or vote on my poem, each one i get i cherish, i especially appreciate the ones that are voted upon that are relating to Heather. I must thank her personally for recommending me :)

  • 16 years ago

    by bluehun