I Don't Know Why I Tried

by Minlow20   Feb 1, 2005

You and me were friends,
But that soon came to an end.
You liked me and I like you,
But somethings happened and I ended up hating you.
You never knew what you did,
And when you found out you thought I was a little kid.
I tried to fix things, to mend our friendship.
But you obviously didn't care about it,
So I would get out my kit,
And cut a little bit.
Now I'm trying to talk to you,
Solely to fix our friendship.
But you keep making things worse,
I guess I'm just cursed.
I still don't know why I tried,
I guess cause everyone said you cried.

Dedicated: Tyler K.

**This is kinda crappy, I just thought of it so yeah. If you want comment/vote, I sure would appreciate it.**
copyright© Lindsay H. 2005


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  • 16 years ago

    by Minlow20

    Thank you so much Amy, its good to hear that you liked it. And yeah I'll check out your poems, I bet their good also. Well got 2 go bye!