by mistake   Feb 20, 2005

There she is sitting over there
running her fingers through her sun-silk hair
her eyes pools of the deepest blue
the eyes of Crystal clear true
look at her lips of the reddest blood
the lips i have wished to love
look at her hands as delicate as a flower
those hands that could command such power
feel her skin so baby soft
off it comes a sweet scented waft
then her breast's that are so wholesome
also like her pear firm bum
then her nose so small and sweet
and soft nipples so petite
her legs shaped from a dream
she is perfect it would seem
except for one minor thing
she is not wearing a ring
i want her to be mine no one others
i want to be her eternal lover
i really want to marry her
and want her to be my baby carrier
she's mine now but what for the future
i just never want to lose her......


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  • 15 years ago

    by shannon

    you have talent as i say once again beuatiful a 5!

  • This poem is really cute. I like it, you've defiently got talent, keep up the good work