What You Are to Me

by Valerie   Mar 1, 2005

You are hollow and self-centered
Why? I do not know
Your mind will not expand
For your heart ceases to grow

Emptiness can be found
Behind your rich blue eyes
Self-hatred can be found
Behind your endless lies

You gave me up for "happiness"
You gave me up for her
But what you lost is all respect
From me and the rest of the world

A year of my life was devoted
Entirely to you
A year of my life was wasted
It was wasted through and through

I regret the day we met
and when we saw the stars
I hope you feel pathetic
For that is what you are

I lived on hope and trust
and foolishly on love
I gave up almost everything
Thinking you were the one

I miss the guy you were
I miss your embracing arms
When you were by my side
I never feared of harm

Once you were vibrant and lively
Once you cared about me
I remember the boy you were
The boy I no longer see

My protector is now my villain
Why? I do not know
My heart is completely broken
My pain is starting to show


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  • 15 years ago

    by ßeAuTiFuLlY~bRoKeи

    aww so sad:( but I love it, I'm suprised it doesn't have ahigher rating it was really good. I give it a 5! thanks for your comment on mine.

  • Awww thats sad but SOOO good, I absolutely loved it. Keep up the great work. MuchLoveJJ

  • 15 years ago

    by dragonfly

    Wow, i'm not a big fan or love poems but this one is very...true? Well anyways i liked it.

  • 15 years ago

    by ** JeNa **

    wow that was a great poem, and i really loved it, u really have talent, great job!!