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hey my old sn used to be *~*JeNa*~* so these poems look familar thats y, hope u guys like my poems, feel free to give ne advice. if you would like to email me about anything my email is italiansweetheart2007@yahoo.com, c~ya!!!

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  • *~* this is another poem i wrote a long time ago 4...
    I know love doesn't always go our way...

  • *~* i was just going through somethings and i...
    I know this will hurt you...

  • Where did we go wrong ?
    What could we have changed...

  • I found out the truth
    about how you never cared...

  • Finally the day has come
    when we're back together again...

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  • I loved you once, i love you still, i always have, and always will

    17 years ago
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  • Laugh your heart out,
    Dance in the rain,
    Cherish the memories,
    ignore the pain.
    forget and forgive
    because remember you only have
    one life to live

    i saw this on my friends profile and i thought it was cute

    17 years ago
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  • It's too soon it came to fast i never wanted to get attached. i feel the same i intend to grow now it's time to just let go

    this was actually written by a friend of mine her name is annie, but i really liked it

    17 years ago
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