The Reasons I Love You

by Jesse   Mar 4, 2005

I love how we met, that cool summer night
The way you looked, your shirt so tight
I loved our first date, on the back of my bike
I fell for you, holding me tight
I love your smile, and your full lips
When ours meet, heaven in a glimpse
I love your sweetness, how you make me first
You fill my heart, enough to burst
I love watching Conan, with you by my side
Those long summer nights, with never a goodbye
I love how you, are just like me
We belong together, in a house by the sea
I love the look, that you give with grace
Whenever I, wipe the hair from your face
I love you, more than I can say
Always had me wishing, for one more day
I love you, that will never change
If you left, I would derange
I love it when, your hair is a mess
When you’re on top, in a sundress
I love it how, I can put you over the table
And hear you say, that you want to rail
I love you, for everything you are
For the times we spent, together in my car
I love you, cause I know you’ll be here
When I go to sleep, to hold me secure


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Jesse

    yes, being in love is great. Not being with the person you still love isn't.

  • 15 years ago

    by Kristal Sowiecki

    this is really sweet i like it alot. i know what u mean when u write about this person. being in love is great isn't it?