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My name is Kristal and I've been writing poetry for some time now. I've been published a few times and gotten awards but nothing major. I just live my life and write things about it. All of my poems are things that I'm feeling and poetry is really the only way to express it because I don't like talking to people about my "problems". On the plus side, as I'm writing this on 3/3/05, I have 21 days until my litttle boy will be born! Well, thats the date anyway, but who knows? I'm so glad to be having him in my life and whats even better is I have my boyfriend right there with me. I hope everthing works out for the best! PLEASE read some of my work and comment. Good/Bad comments are always welcome!

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Latest Poems By Kristal Sowiecki

  • I'll hold you close
    If only in my head...

  • It's when you don't want to talk and I need you to...
    It's when you just hang up on me, its just not...

  • Every (1)

    Everyday I drift astray
    Everyday I'm pushed away...

  • Yesterday was such a bad day. I'm so sad. I...

  • "My mind clouded with hate for everyone who...
    ~Again not one I wrote but is so close to the...

Latest Quotes By Kristal Sowiecki

  • People tell me I'm crazy for loving you. I tell them I love you like crazy.

    18 years ago
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  • Hope was a word made a poor lonely man, in a poor lonely place, to stop himself from going insane. That man eventually died. Poor and lonely.

    19 years ago
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  • What do you do when the reason you want to die
    Is the only thing keeping you alive?

    19 years ago
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