by MariSylvano   Mar 5, 2005

You're the one I truly love,
You're the one I'm dreaming of,
I always loved you from the start,
You're whole inside my life and heart,
You may be with her, I may be with him,
But a love this strong comes from within,
We may not always talk, You're not always there,
No, we may not talk, but we always care,
I've never felt a strength like this,
I've never been in this much bliss,
I'm so in love, it's useless today,
No matter what happens, I can't walk away,
I'll wait forever, until the end of time,
I'll wait forever for you to be mine,
Because I know that's what meant to be will be,
And what's meant to be is pure you and me,
We're going to be as one, someday I know,
Time's going to make the love grow and grow,
Seas, continents apart won't change how I feel,
The love for you will always be real,
Because you're the one, and I know it for sure,
Every hour, every day, I'm loving you more,
You'll realize it one day, and I'll run to your arms,
Protect you and love you and shelter you from harm,
But I'll be waiting forever, forever until that day,
I love you forever, forever always.

*Dedicated to my one true love, *******...we are meant to be, and we will happen. I love him to bits, so much it's just unreal! I've never felt like this before! Please comment, Thank you xxx*


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