Tears Of The Towers...Another Story

by MariSylvano   Feb 10, 2005

For every civilian left without a home,
For all the orphans left crying and alone,
For the bombs you drop and the lives you take,
For the people you blind and the hearts you break,
The Twin Towers fell, so you thought justice was done,
If you invaded Iraq and destroyed til everything was gone,
You delude your people by saying its for the nation,
And they just can't see it's the wrong information,
I cry for those people that America doesn't help,
In Zimbabwe,Sudan,and everywhere else,
But then those countries don't have Iraq's oil,
Although those people work and toil,
Bush wants money,power,control,
He wants everything;everything he can own,
Worse things happen in the world everyday,
But you Americans just have to have it your way,
There's a world outside the box that you live in,
A world that wants revenge and someday you'll give in,
So next time you shed a tear for the towers,
Shed a tear for the thousands, who die everyday but nothing is done,
George Bush is the worst terrorist alive;
It's just a good thing he isn't brave enough to fly in the skies,
A dangerous fanatic and a threat to world peace,
That's America,That's what it is....

I feel you should know a different side of the twin towers incident. This represents the thoughts of most of Britain and might I add the rest of the world. Comments are appreciated. Thanks.


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Latest Comments

  • 19 years ago

    by MariSylvano

    ERM HELLO. thats the whole damn message of the poem, that the twin towers was a tragedy but there are worse things. Did you actually read it???

  • 19 years ago

    by Super Woman

    i agree with you it is a tragedy that the we lost alot of lives in the tower but there are worst cinarios. in iraq innocents are being killed as well keep writing