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if you want to get in contact with me, please email me!!! i really appreciate comments on my poetry btw.

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Latest Poems By MariSylvano

  • I love you, so much I can't even breathe,
    And you think about me every hour of every day...

  • You're the one I truly love,
    You're the one I'm dreaming of...

  • In all the time I've known you,
    I've cried so many tears...

  • Some days I really hate the world,
    Some days I really am that sad broken girl...

  • For every civilian left without a home,
    For all the orphans left crying and alone...

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  • Don't give up on life until you've lived it

    18 years ago
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  • I'll always love you; I Know you'll always love me....This Is Meant To Be Forever...Baby Can't You See?

    19 years ago
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  • Keisha- these are meant to be FUNNY quotes...yours are all good, but you're posting them in the wrong catagory and they're depressin me. go post in love/romance cat. xxx

    19 years ago
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