by Alicia   Aug 4, 2003

I have some questions
I have on my mind
I kept them inside
For quite a long time

But now i need answers
Because then at last
I can get over you
And leave the past

Why did you hurt me?
And break my heart so much?
Why every minute
Do i long for your touch?

Why are me and you
So far apart?
Why did you go
And break my heart?

Why were you kind to me
Right at the start?
Then leave me alone
And break my heart?

Why do you do
The things you do?
Make me feel so bad?
And only want you?

Why at night
Do i look at the sky?
Think we are not together
And ask myself why?

Give me the answers
And stop all this pain
I shouldn't want you
I have to much to gain!


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  • 17 years ago

    by Alicia

    luk i aint bothered who knows his name it is Ashley ok really it aint abig thing u aint gunna know him so wot does it matta?

  • 18 years ago

    by Alicia

    This is Alicia the writer of the poems the lads n i LOVED him!

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