A Week In The Life Of Worthless Girl

by 31 Solus   Mar 21, 2005

In Saturday lies saviour
From the beatings of school
But not from them at home
Dads fists his favourite tool

It was gods day of rest
It will be worthless girl’s too
Lost an with a rope
She hopes for salvation soon

Straight out of hospital
For another school day
Another way to be tormented
More hurtful words to say

Worthless girl sits at her home
But tears she will not cry
She has none left to spare
Her eyes unmoving and dry

Back to school goes worthless girl
Her mam made her return
A kid put a lighter to her hair
He wanted to see her burn

She writes a letter
She seals it with a kiss
Nothing would be better
Suicide is worthless girl’s bliss

A beating at school
A beating at home
Everyone thinks she’s a freak
She rests forever now alone

Worthless girl took her life
And was with a smile on her face
Buried whilst wearing a mask
Upon which her smile was placed


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  • 16 years ago

    by **Just Her**

    i really enjoyed this poem,cuzit was different from so many others i read. i really felt empathy for "worthless girl" and i hope this wasnt partially about u. keep writing hun! stay strong