He is truly perfect

by Chloe   Apr 23, 2005

A small path lies before me, this place is pretty, I feel no fears,
the river whispers beautiful melodies, a true grace, this is to my ears.
The birds, they sing so amazingly, but only this time, I'm happy too,
for this happiness wouldn't exist this very moment, this smile, I owe to you.

You built it all up with your stunning eyes, the eyes that I adore to look into,
you made the emptiness from my body vanish, with your hand, the hand that I hold onto.
You made me start trusting people again, with your lips, the lips that I'll hopefully kiss,
you made me feel complete again, you have everything, you are what beauty is.

Even though you may not know it yet, you picked up the pieces of my heart from off the floor,
for the day you opened my eyes again, you also opened a whole new door.
A door that made me realize that I was strong enough to love again, to find a brand new way,
so sometimes I sit here and think to myself, if it wasn't for you, where'd I be today?

What I treasure is the moment you put your arm around me, my face close to your face,
I listened to your heartbeat, I put my arm around you too, for just being close to you was a grace.
My body held so close against yours, time passed so fast, the clock quietly struck seven,
but even though it only lasted for a few seconds, those were few seconds of heaven.

How can a human being be so special? How can a person not have one single flaw?
You are truly one of God's angels, one that I luckily saw.
I am sick of letting people I love slip away, but this time, I won't make that mistake,
for I know that you are worth living for, even if it means my life shall break.

I know how it feels to be on the bottom, for that was what I was every day, back then,
and therefor I want to thank you so much, for you taught me to live again.
Words can't describe how much I care for you, how thankful I am because you helped me through hell,
these words I am not ready to say to you yet, but hopefully, my eyes will tell.
You are truly perfect.



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  • 15 years ago

    by KeepMe

    Beautiful poem . . It gave me chills , and tears in my eyes . - thank you , keep on writing .

  • 15 years ago

    by Amit

    Excellent write, very well done...
    5/5, Take Care, Always Believe in Love, Amit