I called you last night

by Chloe   Aug 16, 2007

I called you last night, and then I hung up when you answered the phone.
I called to hear your voice one last time.

I had to give my heart one last satisfaction,
Because I know that I have to move on with my life.
I can not really say that the heartache has grown stronger,
But it does not hurt less either.
It is just another day without you in my life.
You were my sunshine, and you still are, you were my runaway plan.
You were my future, all I ever wanted, you were my one and only.
You were my soul-mate.
When someone asks me a question from the heart,
I say your name, because you are the answer to everything.
You are the answer to everything that has a meaning.
I know we had a meaning.
I pray to God every night before I go to bed, that he will let me keep you.
To let me keep the only person who has made a difference in my life,
Unless there is someone out there who really needs you more.
No one could ever need you more than I do.
There has been another boy who has tried to put me back together again,
He was amazing until I compared him to you.
No one is ever f.....g anything compared to you.
No one is like you.
There is only one YOU.
If you can be to someone else what you have been to me,
You will make her the luckiest girl in the world.
And if she loves you, just half as much as I love you,
It will be enough to last for a lifetime.

Where did our ' forever ' go?

If you love her more than you loved me,
Then I wish you two the best of luck..
I hope she can make you more happy than I ever could.
Your happiness is all that has ever mattered to me.
You have been an angel to me,
And because of you, I have found myself.
Because of you, I believe in myself.
I know that I cannot keep you,
But I do not want you to walk away thinking I did not do my best.
I love you so much, and I believe I always will,
You will always have a special place in my heart.
From now on I will just close my eyes,
I will see your face when I am afraid.
And everything will feel alright again,
At least for a little moment.

I believe you have an amazing future ahead of you
Because of the fantastic person that you are.
I know you will have a life filled with laughter and fun,
I hope you know how special you are.
But I guess this is it,
This time it is really goodbye.
I hope you never regret anything,
But I hope you never forget what we had.
I know I never will.
Thank you for giving me the best year of my life,
Thank you for always being by my side.
Thank you for never letting me down,
Thank you for being who you are.
I love you so much.

I called you last night, and then I hung up when you answered the phone.
I called to hear your voice one last time.


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