Comments : Memories Live Forever

  • 17 years ago

    by Natalie84

    Beautiful poem Ann....Again!! I love it!! Excellent write!!! 5/5 :) Take Care

  • 17 years ago

    by Angie

    Another beautiful poem Ann. I love it. Keep writing...

    Smiles, Hugs and Love, Angela

  • 17 years ago

    by Amit

    Excellent write, Ann. Emotional and heartfelt. Way of writing is superb like always... but I think you're married or not? Then whom you dedicate this poem to?
    5/5, Take Care, Always Believe in Love, Amit.

  • 17 years ago

    by Andrea

    very beautiful and in creative detail...amazing poem as always. you are so talented and i enjoy reading your poems...wonderful write! 5/5

    love always...

  • 17 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

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    OMG! I <3 the first 2 stanzas so much! Beautifully done! 5/5


  • 17 years ago

    by Kristen

    beautiful and soo true because after all is said and done..memories are the only things that we have left..check out my "together in my memories" you might be able to relate..keep writing

  • 17 years ago

    by Trevor

    this is such a sweet but all the same really sad. but as they say "to love and have lost is better than not having loved at all" but its good that you dont regret it and still treasure the memories. good job. i loved it.

  • 17 years ago

    by Kiersten Nicole

    aw that is so sad, and so beautifully written. great job

  • 17 years ago

    by Forever29

    Wonderfully expressed & easy to relate to. 5!

  • 17 years ago

    by Mustardhart

    Hey Ann, That was incredidle, i love this poem. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment on my poems, it has been quite a while. Hope you are fine? Take care! 5/5

  • 17 years ago

    by HJ

    Wonderful poem...Honest and hearfelt. Very thought provoking, full of visonary passion.

    Your friend

  • 17 years ago

    by Amanda Bee

    Very NICE!!! I really liked it. It reminds me of a poem I wrote about a past love the other day. Great work:)

  • 16 years ago

    by Lu

    Another beautiful poem ~~Ann
    It really does bring a tear to your eye..
    Loved it ...

  • This Poem Screams Beautiful, I Never Really Like Love Poems, But Seeing How Beautifuly You Write One Makes Me Want To Give It a Try! *Hugs* You Were Born To Write Hun....And I Must Honestly Say That I Can Relate To This Poem In 2832832828328 Diffrent Ways :) 5/5 xoxo-Nikki-xoxo

  • 16 years ago

    by Marylou

    Oh my, that's a gr8 poem, kinda makes me sad reading it, cause it makes me remember something, but it's an excellent poem, keep up the good job