I Can't Help But Love You~`

by **Stary_nights**   May 6, 2005

I love you for so many things,
That maybe God could not even bring.
From every smirk to every smile,
you make living all worthwhile.

I love how your hair falls in your face,
While you're kissing me in the right place.
You give me such a warm embrace,
When you leave with every trace.

I love how you are so kind,
Within you true love I find.
You will never leave my mind,
I'd see you still if I was blind.

I love the sweet things you do for me,
You love me anyone can see.
That smile you give when you see me,
That's how I know we're meant to be.

I love that smirk you give to make me smile,
I can see it shining for miles.
It makes my whole life worthwhile,
Knowing someday you'll walk me down the aisle.

I love how I cannot get mad at you,
No matter what, I know it's true.
But don't take advantage whatever you do,
Because sometimes not everyone makes it through.

I love how you always remind me each day,
You love me and you're here to stay.
I know you'll never leave me here to lay,
You'll always be beside me until my last day.

I love how you don't try to be someone you're not,
You are yourself; I like it a lot.
We'll never get tangled up in a knot,
I know you'll never leave me here to rot.

I love how you can make me show,
The part of me that no one knows.
I'll smile no matter how life goes,
But this time it won't be for a show.

I love how you respect me,
And you can always make me see,
That no matter who I end up to be,
You'll always be here with me.

I love how you never worry,
Your mind is never in a hurry.
You're not in a rush to get things done,
That's why I believe we have so much fun.

I love how you're not worried about being an adult,
Growing up is really no ones fault.
I don't want you to grow up too fast,
Then our childish memories would be a thing of the past.

I love how you haven't gave up because of others,
Because of all the drama within one another.
Nothing can stop you not even your mother,
Even if she does get help from your brother.

I love how you always forgive me,
When sometimes I know we disagree.
But I will make it so I can be,
Someone that you will always see.

I love how you accept me,
For the person you know I am.
I just want myself to be,
I just want you to give a damn.

I love the way you laugh at me,
I know we'll always come to agree.
Your mom will have to see,
That our way it's going to be.

I love how you can make me smile,
We can make our lives worthwhile.
We'll be together until the end,
All our fights I know we'll mend.

I love how you'll always stay,
Our love can never float away.
On our two months; the 6th today,
Beside you I will always lay.

I love your gorgeous eyes,
The ones that will never cry.
They let me know when you're shy,
Or even give away when you lie.

I love the face you give,
When you look at me I want to live.
I'll never have to say goodbye,
Because I'll love you until the day I die.

I love the way you say my name,
For that you can take the blame.
The smile on your face at night,
Makes all my feelings seem so right.

But the thing I love the most is the way you,
Love me and I know it's true.
With every little thing that you do,
From the first day I knew it was you.

*sorry it is long*


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  • 17 years ago

    by Saravana Kumar S

    yes,definitely long at the same it is definitely beautiful...well done..take care and keep smiling always...FIVE>>>

  • 17 years ago

    by BlueDreams

    wow!! hun...it so beautiuful poem, perfect written...i love the every way how you writing...amazing work hun....keep them coming, big hugs to you...all my love,

    love freedom,