by **Stary_nights**   Sep 7, 2005

I know I may say many things,
That really, I don't mean.
I owe you an apology,
Even though you haven't seen.

I say that I despise you,
And everything you do.
I say that you're mean to me,
But if only people knew.

I don't really hate you,
And I think you're really cool.
The truth is that I'm just jealous,
And I'm sorry for being cruel.

I'm jealous of all you have,
And even who you are.
Everyone adores you,
I wish I had that too.

I'm jealous because you're Tuck's best friend,
I'm scared he'll leave me for you.
I don't know why I think this way,
Because he tells me it's not true.

I know I shouldn't be jealous,
Because I can only be me.
I have to be the person I am,
And try to make others see.

Being myself is who I am,
I can't change who I'll be.
I'll have to show everyone else,
It's not so bad being me.

But really I just wanted to say,
I'm sorry for being so mean.
You were always nice to me,
If only I could've seen.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Truly in Love

    I would have to say the same--- realization is a big step...
    Great poem... it had such a touchy and warm feeling... i loved it...
    keep writing