Nightmares of Sorrow~

by **Stary_nights**   Sep 4, 2005

You put them through hell,
Then you left them to rot,
Now you want to come back,
And pretend they forgot?!

Was this always your plan,
To cut them so deep,
To make your daughter cry,
To haunt them as they sleep?

Nobody matters but youself,
I swear that's what you think.
How can you even sleep at night,
Knowing you're on the brink?

You've hurt your family,
The ones that care,
The ones that loved you,
And were always there.

You took all their food,
All the things they had,
You took all the money,
And left them with no dad.

You had a family,
You chose to throw away,
This was your decision,
Don't expect them to stay.

You don't deserve them,
After what you've done,
You're a selfish bastard,
Whose battle has just begun.

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  • 16 years ago

    by Saravana Kumar S

    Wow...touching one....nice flow and nice feel of emotions....take care and keep smiling always....FIVE>>>