My everything

by ♥~Sªήdяª~♥   May 10, 2005

He is my everything
How I love him so
And till the end of time
My feelings will grow

I yearn for his love.
I have his trust,
but as he grows farther
My heart turns to dust

We've been friends
For some time now
And how he can't see
I don't know how

I hide my feelings
Keep them safe in my heart
Even if he leaves
We will never part

Part of me will follow
Where ever he will go
And I will always love him
But he will never know

When other girls flirt
And other girls try
I get so angry
He is my guy

Even if we're just friends
And if it stays that way forever
I wouldn't care
As long as we're in it together

But if we break apart
And go separate ways
I will be lost
It'll be the last of my days

I need you with me
To help me through
Even if you just a friend,
Cause I'd die without you

I'd be lost in despair
I'd sit there and cry
I'd be so confused
Why even try

Just one day in your arms
To tell you how I feel
Tell you I love you
And that I'm for real...

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  • 15 years ago

    by Garfield Burch

    The beginning touch me so fast that I knew you are a good poet.Nice work

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