Keep this fire burning!

by Gergely Nyaguly   May 28, 2005

Let me keep the outlook,
Don't put me on shelf yet!
I don't mind even the pain,
If your'e not my velvet...

You did bruise me many times,
Took in pieces my heart.
But after every damage
There are more and more part!

As keeps breaking smaller,
Even though, loves harder!
'Cause the Wonder you gave me
Is in my soul, right there!

My sweetest dream was stolen.
You gave it to someone.
You are someone else's love,
My life's beyond reason...

After all I miss your touch!
I still need your kindness!
Just desire a nice word
To survive the darkness...

I still want to feel your lips,
Just like on that sweet night!
I did surrender myself,
After tough and long fight...

Please, keep smiling on me!
I don't care it's not mine.
You don't have to answer,
Even to be genuine!

You should let me love you!
Leave me! Take me! Enjoy!
Never ask me why I love...
I am always your toy!

Don't let die the passion out!
Keep this fire burning!
And I promise: If you want,
I'll be your redeeming!


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  • 9 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    And it keeps breaking smaller,
    However loves harder!
    ’Cause the Wonder you gave me
    Is in my soul, right there!
    - this is my favorite stanza
    Wonderful job again and I just want to read more and more :) 5/5

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