Our Happy Ending

by Alissa   Jun 15, 2005

I've learned the hard way
that sometimes life separates you from someone
just to see if you can really make it without them.
And guess what?
Turns out I couldn't make it without you.
I cried. Many tears. Many hours. Many nights.
I told people I hated you, hoping that what I was saying would help it to come true.
Every time I saw you I denied my feelings for you even more, even though on the inside I knew how it really was.
I missed the way you always held me, always told me you loved me, always smiled, laughed, just everything about you.
I sit here listening to our song, three days after you finally came back to me, finally came to your senses, and finally faced reality- you cant make it without me either.
I just don't see why it took you so long, because I knew it the moment I set eyes on you.
But truthfully, part of me always knew that somehow, some way, you and I would eventually get our happy ending.


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