Lock The Door

by Alissa   Feb 22, 2006

Close the door, lock it tight
And maybe no one will find me tonight
I prefer it here, all alone
In my world away from everything-
my world unknown.
Where your silhouette is haunting my dreams
& I put on a song with no memories
Hoping to hush my silent screams.
The things you always loved to hate
Are the only ones which I can concentrate
You always liked me best shattered, torn, and broken
Emotions bottled inside & feelings left unspoken.

So close the door, lock it tight
Promise no one will find me tonight.
I'm finally thinking things through
Even wondering if theres a life after you
The endeavor of forgetting is causing my heart to explode
I cant seem to get rid of the pain you so nicely bestowed.
But theres not much time for healing
Its time to give back my life your stealing.
So I pray to the only person I can turn to, the man up above
I ask for strength to start over & the power to once again love.

So unlock the door and let me out
Because now I'm free
From all of this aching misery.
God has lifted me in the palm of his hand
And helped me to realize and understand
That without you I can let my vivid flame ignite
Because in my world of color you only brought me black and white.


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