Building A Bullet Proof Shield

by Alissa   Dec 8, 2005

We've all liked a guy before. Sucks doesn't it? After you get hurt once its like you put up this shield, this suit of armor, hoping it protects you from getting hurt again. But then some dumb guy whose just the same as all the other dumb guys walks into your life and takes a part of you without even trying, without even knowing he did it. And he doesn't even know how he did it, and truthfully, neither do you. All he did was smile his stupid smile or laugh his stupid laugh. You can hear your heart yelling to him, telling him to notice you. But no one else besides you hears it and you have to keep living like this day in and day out until this "oh so perfect guy" finally takes a second look at you. Now you just have to convince hi8m to take a third, maybe even a fourth. You become vulnerable because your at the point where your heart is most fragile. Its when this guy is taking over your world, and your life isn't your own anymore. You think about him 24/7 and no matter what anybody else says or does, hes the only thing thats on your mind. He leaves you crying in the dark all by yourself and doesn't even realize it, doesn't even care. He makes it so that so simple a sentence like "We shouldn't see each other anymore" becomes a bullet shot right through your heart. You've never felt a pain so bad. Its like a heart-wrenching, soul-killing, rips-you-to-pieces pain, and your praying for anything to make it go away. Every minute seems to grow longer and everyday your heart seems to grow colder. But we all know from experience that time heals all wounds. So slowly, VERY slowly, you build another shield. But theres one thing that next dumb guy doesn't know- this shield is bullet proof.


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