Only You!!!

by kishi tenshi   Jun 17, 2005

I maybe tough as what everybody thinks,
but they don't know how weak I am,
I maybe hard hearted as what everybody sees,
but nothing seems real.

I may seem to know it all,
but if you'll just know,
I'm the dumbest of them all.

You might picture me as a beautiful person
but nothing has a meaning,
for a person like me,
who does nothing!!!

One day You came in,
You answered all of my questions,
I though Your door is locked,
but when I knocked,
it's just open, ready for me to come in.
I never thought that's really easy,
to speak to you in the way I know.

You give me the bravest heart,
that no other person could have, and you also give me everything that I need,
And with that I'll always promise You
That I'll always love you for what you always did.

Oh God, how grateful You are,
for being there in my whole life,
Yes, the Devil is always there,
but what You do is to hold my hand so tight,
hug me like no one else before,
and never ever let me go..

Now I really feel that I was loved,
loved by Someone so powerful,
for He provides me everything I need,
and for He loves the real me.

Thank You, Oh thank You, for everyday,
because for each new day, there's always a new face,
whom you provide for me to talk to
and remind me of how you do.
I know , not at all times,
life's gonna be like this,
but one thing I know,
That forever, there always be
your hands as my place.

No person can do these miracles,
for only You has the power to do this,
you made everything so unique,
so that each day, there's always a new thing.

As I write this poem,
I still keep on reminding myself,
how you loved me so tenderly...
Oh God, you deserved all of this praises,
for you always give strength,
for a weak person like me!!!


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