Back to Iraq

by Felycia Tatarek   Jul 4, 2005

My brother he fought in the war in Iraq
When he left, I thought he'd never come back

He wrote us letters telling of death
How he watched some of his friends take their last breath

He sent pictures of children who looked so distraught
In the hands of fate so they were caught

He spend his Christmas carrying caskets
As we spend ours receiving gift baskets

He told us of how his bunker got blown up and attacked
How is friends feet got blown off in the stacks

He told us how they saw women and their children die
How after a while when they were killed and he just couldn't cry

He told us of how he got shrapnel stuck in his skin
How he felt as no matter hard they tried they just couldn't win

His troop was the first to secure the field
The first one's to make the Iraqi's pick up their cards and deal

After a year he finally came back
He came home safely from unnerving Iraq

He went through debriefing for a week or two
So when he came back he'd feel completely new

The dangers were washed out of his mind
The killings, bombs, and violence were all left behind

He said if he had to he'd go back to Iraq
If I had it my way I wouldn't send him back

I'd keep him here locked up where he's safe
So I wouldn't have to feel like I'd be digging his grave

So never again will I let him leave
Because over him, I never want to grieve


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  • 18 years ago

    by lostlllsoul

    nicely done...
    ur poem flows well..
    try and rate and comment my poems
    thanx lots
    sMil3 4lwayz =)

  • 18 years ago

    by Alyssa

    WOW. This is really good, and sad but good. I like it, great job. If u can will you rate my poems thanks.