He will get you thru

by Felycia Tatarek   May 10, 2005

There is a strength within you that you never knew you had
You always have that hope be you happy be you sad
There is a hero right beside you that is going to get you thru
That hero is God because he cares so much for you
There is a passion burning deep within your heart
You think this is the end but its a brand new start
There is a faith in your soul that everyone can see
You are where God wants you this is where you need to be
There is always a smile shining through your tears
And a courage fighting to conquer all your fears
There is a love beaming at the world that you always show
Because you are such an inspiration to everyone you know
There is a determination that follows you around
We know that you wont give because you always stand your ground
There is a triumphant spirit within you that is praising God each day
Your love for him so evident it cannot be taken away
There is a song that you are singing that has such a striking sound
That the angels rejoice in for sure youre heaven bound
There is a knight in shining armor waiting for your heart
To bestow your happy ending and give that brand new start
There is a hope inside your heart and I believe in you
That God will have his way and he will get you thru


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