My Angst

by Cara McTired   Jul 7, 2005

Did you ever care?
Are you reading this now?
Hear my screams of angst,
Wondering how?

A decent fake smile,
The combing of my hair,
Looking in the mirror,
I realize no one really cares…

I look at the knife,
And fall to the floor,
Sobbing, shaking,
I can’t take it anymore…

All I wanted
Was for you to ask,
Just once,
If I was okay?

I’d shake my head,
And I would tell you
‘I want to stay.’

But you don’t care,
So why should I?
But the images still
Won’t go away…

Your smile,
Your laugh,
That’s why I’m
Where I am today,

“God I loved you!”
and still…
I know your feelings
You have shown…

That’s why I’m covered in blood.
Suffering alone…


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  • 15 years ago

    by Iyla

    CARA!!!! WRITE MORE POEMS!!!!!! I NEED TO READ MORE POEMS FROM YOU!!!! how was germany, well... I MISSED YOU SO FRIKIN MUCH, i havent seen anyone really since skewl got out!!!! WRITE MORE POEMS!!! how's "my pride" coming on? everyone enjoy it??? well this was another great poem by you!! ur only problem is that ur to stubborn to write nemore!!!! WOMAN! listen to me! if i dont see one tomarrow im coming to ur house and im going to destroy ur ed collection!! or i'll just keep it for myself! but please write more!!! gosh i think im psychotic
    -Miss Kitty-