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Hi! i'm Cara, i'm new to writing poetry but i've been writing since i was FIVE~ i'm getting better at it all the time so i'm happy... Oh i'm also always Tired, Thus the name McTired... (Thats the background info. to my name.)
i'm shy when around new people (Getting better at that too) but loud around my friends. Speaking of friends two of mine are on here, GINA and Kit a.k.a MRS. KITTY check them out. Kit's name is †..†XxXβ∫λčķδόυ∫XxX†..† , with really cool writting symbols. and bethersismybaby is really super good! and i respect her for living life even though she's been through so much. So give her love!
all my poems are short, and i like to write about things i know, so fantasy is difficult for me. ~*~*~*~*~*~*
thats about all comment me and vote
i need some...

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    XD Gah this makes me laugh!

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    your all i think about when i lie in bed... what rymthes with ed, well i don't know... maybe the word...

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