Feeling You

by ღ Christina ღ   Jul 8, 2005

--For those of you, who already read this poem it is not about me, i was watching a romantic movie and wrote it in the character's perspective--

Walking to your house
Saying hello with a kiss
You tell me “Let’s go to the room”
In a very soft and gentle hiss

We lay on the bed
We kiss some more
I turn of the lights
While you close the door

You take of my clothes
And I do the same to you
We go under the blanket
Knowing exactly what to do

We touch each other softly
And we make some noise
We make some love
Feeling nothing but joys

Then when that’s done
We just play and horse around
We kiss tenderly
Making every kind of sound

Then we go to sleep
And we cuddle up tight
Happier than I could ever be
Thinking of you all night


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  • 17 years ago

    by Fighter (Ariane L.)

    Great poem! keep it up

  • 17 years ago

    by Iyla

    omg!! eeecccckkk!! lovey dovey, that made me get shivers down my back, god the feeling of love, great poem!!!

  • 17 years ago

    by brittany


  • 17 years ago

    by christina

    oh wow...hehe. the poem was great.

  • 17 years ago

    by Christina Gomes

    ...someone's been getting action.. lolz