by ashley   Jul 13, 2005

Four simple words that mean the world
It determines weather you live or die
Weather your happy or sad
Angry or mad
Its our destiny our future
We all wonder what are fate is
We all wonder why fate gave us this life
Sometimes its a sad life
Full of screaming hate
Always crying and always wishing there was a way out
Then there are people that wonder why fate gave them such a good life
Fate is a mystery
I wish we decided our lives
Maybe then I wouldn't feel the way I do
Maybe I wouldn't cry everyday
Or hurt every time I wake
Fate is a four letter word but all of us would give anything to see if our lives get better
If we do live on and become something more
Then what we think we are destined to be
Fate is four letters but its also the world to us


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  • 14 years ago

    by Fallen Angel

    Nice meaning, very good... Rymning scheme is a little of though. But it was very good, I enjoyed reading it...