by Fluffy Cotton   Nov 7, 2003


Just the glitter of your eye
Just the thought of you by my side

Just your fingers laced between mine
Just I love you for the 26th time

Just the knowledge of your beautiful face
Just the time that could never be replaced

Just the touch of your foot touching mine
Just the cool rush shooting down my spine

Just the forever look locked between our eyes
Just the feeling like I could touch the sky

Just the feel of your dark blue cotton shirt
Just being noticed without having to flirt

Just the way you?ve called me 16 times since yesterday
Just the way my soul hungers for your voice saying ?Hey!?

Just finding a rose for every time I?ve thought about you is
just enough to fill a mansion or two.

Just the urge to call you directly after a fight
Just the way I feel after you kiss me goodnight

Just all of this combined
Is just enough to keep me alive.


**Feel free to comment. I love criticism. Thank you for reading my poem! C: **


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