Title: ???

by Ashley Lynn   Aug 16, 2005

We broke up a while ago
but i still love you
why can't i let you go?
why can't i pull through?

Are you still interested in me?
ho do i know?
i think you are.
you just don't let it show.

Our relationship wasn't long enough
how can i make you see?
i still love you
why don't you still love me?

where did i go wrong?
what did i do?
or maybe its not me
maybe its just you.

its not over for me
you're not really gone
you're just on vacation
hopefully not for long.

is it obsession?
maybe its not love
but then why do i sit here
trying to act tough?

i don't see you
i don't call your phone
i just write my feelings
inside of a poem.

I'm tired of crying
its time to face facts
you're gone for good
and not coming back.

Copyright ©2005 Ashley Lynn Caplinger


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  • 16 years ago

    by obsessedgurl

    Hey i liked this poem it's true 4 my best friend but i also liked the quote you had about the first day of school it was so heartfelt

  • 16 years ago

    by SmIlEbAcKtHeTeArS

    hey girly
    this poem is awesome and yeah i know how u feel im not going to pour out my feelings in a comment but keep up the work...