by Samantha   Aug 27, 2005

I will forever cherish the simple things you've given me.
I will forever thank you for what you've made me see.
I will forever be a person who loves you and will be there for you.
That no battle I fight is to be fought alone, but with us two.

My life is full of daily struggles but theres something great,
You see Ive found a great person who's done a lot,
To my differences, he could always relate,
His heart is something strong and loving that I've still got.

You're my strength,
You're my happiness to greatest length.
You're what keeps me content at night,
Your eyes, your lips, your arms that hold me tight.

If I could change anything in my life it'll be nothing at all,
My life is what made me the person I am and the person you care for.
I'm simply content with being in your arms no matter how deep I fall.
You're always willing to give me your heart, your support, and much more.

I hope our relationship grows strong.
I hope amongst our strengths and weaknesses, nothing is wrong.
You've given me what I've insisted was untrue.
You're given me a great love, a deep friendship, and all theres to love about you.


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